45% of customers said that online ordering would encourage them to purchase more. Our simple online ordering solution allows your business to tap into this market seamlessly.  

Your coffee house will have permanent visibility within the app, allowing you to grow your business in the digital space. We believe that growing a business shouldn’t be stressful.

Zoomz is designed to help maximise your sales; whilst giving you access to a new customer base.  There is a revolution brewing, come and join us! 


Customise your unique café profile and menu page to make the online experience resemble an instore visit.

Permanent visibility on our geo-map so new customers can find you and your loyal customers know where to go for their favourite brew.

Push notifications tell you when you have received an order through the app. Just have a phone, tablet or computer nearby. 

Contactless payments are made through the app. We use Stripe to collect payment so you can know it is secure and reliable.

Personalised reports and data insights are available to you at the backend so you can understand your customers purchase patterns.

Pre-ordering allows your customers to take control of their time and avoid waiting in queues.

Allow your customers to get to know you. Have direct links to your website and social medias + add information about your baristas.

Control minimum order time to suit the demands of your workflow. If you are busy in your café, increase your minimum order time.

BYO device select the device you want to use in-store. Our back end runs through a webpage so you can have computer, tablet or phone!


Unlike similar platforms, we do not take a percentage of sales made through our app. Instead we charge a monthly fee of $40 to vendors + a convenience fee of 0.50c extra per item to the customer.

Vendors who partner with us pay the same amount per month, no matter the number of sales made. Our priority is to help local businesses flourish. 

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